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Steel Service Center

We provide steel services to leading industrial firms both in Turkey and world since 1994. We incorporate new Slitting, Cut-to-Length and Multi-Blanking lines to Çayırova Plant processing organization in order to increase manufacturing capacity.
On the other hand, we will ramp up cold forming production volume by new solutions and lines which is developed by our machine workshop for lift, solar, ventilation, siding, agriculture and automotive industries.


Cable Support Systems

As a member of metal industry based group of companies, Eurotray brings decades of metal manufacturing experience together with the electrical industry sice the early 1990s. New facility which is equipped with the latest production machniery and methods, was established in 2012 in order to provide best quality and high capacity to the cusomer needs.
Located in the midst of 3 continents at Turkey, Eurotray offers bet solution, the fastest response and the best customer service, meeting the specific needs of installation with an extensive line of cable support systems fort he improing markets of Africa, Asia and Europe.


International Trade

Our main activity is to coordinate the export ant import activities of companies in the group. On the other hand, we try to lay bridges between developing African, Middle Eastern and Central Asian markets and Turkish manufacturers in metal, electricity and logistics sectors by using the key contacts obtained from the export experience of group companies.
We expect to reach the stated export targets without difficulty when the recovery of economical crisis is completed in European market.

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