Rafex Shelving Systems

We carry on the path of manufacturing storage and market shelves by the trust and the given responsbility of being a preffered brand in market at short notice. We are aware of that we can just sustain and strenghten our brand image by insisting on quality. We aim to inrease production capacity by considering both storage racks or shelves consumption which is in direct proportion to rising national industrial volume and logistical activities, and market shelves and shopfitting equipments which is in the direct proportion to rising retail industry in virtue of income per capita and new demographic structure.




Rafeks Raf Sistemleri İmalat San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Head Office / Factory
Organize Deri Yan Sanayi Bölgesi
YC 8-9 Parsel 20.Yol Aydınlı
Tuzla, İstanbul, Türkiye
Phone. +90 216 591 05 40
Fax.      +90 216 591 03 47

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